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Greetings from Iraq

Well, we all made it here safely. It is hot, and we haven't seen much outside the wire. Just a quick update. The average daily temp is around 115 degrees. It took us a couple days longer to make it due to some dust storms in Kuwait. I have yet to see the infamous camel spider, death walker scorpion or the Persian viper thing we hear so much about. What I have seen for the first time was the Bunker right outside my CHU (Connex Housing Unit.) Some jerk shot a rocket at us last night and managed to hit a large open area of dirt,of which we have plenty. No one got hurt. It was kind of exciting and moderately scary.

Aside from that, things have been quiet. I will be going on storys soon, so it will be nice to be able to do my job in the field.

I will post more when I get a chance.